My wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the recent conscientiousness and opportunistic thinking from our Financial Planner, Tim Scott. He paid us a visit to recap the year and enquired about any changes in health. We happened to mention that my wife had a non-invasive melanoma and, whilst it wasn’t a threat to her life, Tim immediately suggested we should submit a claim on her behalf for her Critical Illness Insurance, a product Tim and Ford Scott had worked for us to secure. We half-heartedly agreed to go ahead, never believing there would be any payout for a non-lethal condition. After a few months of obtaining specialist letters and pathology reports, Tim called my wife with news that nearly knocked her off her chair — the insurers agreed to pay nearly $40,000! What a welcome pre-Christmas bonus that became, and all thanks to Tim’s enquires and mindfulness of our insurance and coverage. We’re busy telling everyone to get Critical Illness Insurance and to use Ford Scott Financial Planning for all their insurance and investment needs. Thanks again Tim, we’re planning the new kitchen renos already!

Dr Jeff Lifshen

“I first employed Tim Scott, Ford Scott Financial Planning, about 12 years ago. Our Superannuation situation, as immigrants, made our situation more complex because we were ‘late starters’. We had four children and needed a clear pathway forward to achieve financial independence. Tim has helped us by providing sound advice, carefully thought out strategies, and also adaptability when circumstances change. We have got to be responsible for our own decisions but I feel his guidance, positivity and encouragement has been paramount to our financial growth. Tim has helped us navigate through all challenges faced, the outcomes being very positive and have enabled us to have more control of our own finances.

Perhaps the most significant thing for me has been his friendship, superb communication skills, his efficiency and genuine concern for our wellbeing. He is always so positive, yes even during the GFC! Messages, emails, phone calls always get a swift and full response. We should not forget the role played by the other staff at Ford Scott Financial Planning. Sammie-Jo and Jenny and of course Mark Ford have provided wonderful backup. What a team, we are pleased to have been able to use their expertise to help us be financially independent.”

Barrie Irons

“One of the best things we have done in recent years was to meet with Tim and Mark from Ford Scott. We were going nowhere with our financial future and had no idea how to prepare for our retirement. With Tim’s expertise he tailored financial packages to suit our needs and we are well on the way to being able to enjoy a future that will cater for the lifestyle we want to enjoy when we leave the workforce.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ford Scott to anybody who needs to plan for their future.”

Gerald and Kathy Spaulding

“Having experienced both a corporate and private ‘styling’ of financial advice in the past, we are both very content with the accessible Ford Scott’s, more ‘tailor made’ and personalised services.

Their clear concise explanations, particularly during more volatile times within the markets, has and is, both reassuring and informative, aiding our decisions towards future planning and projections.”

Hans and Lysbeth Driessen

“The Ford Scott Team have looked after our finances for some time now. On getting married we had the hard decision to use one planner for a joint view of our future, and we are so glad we chose Ford Scott.

Tim took time to really understand what we want out of life and our goals in the short and long term, and how we will achieve them. Tim is responsive to our questions and really understands what drives us, which we see as central to building a meaningful and achievable plan. The Ford Scott team are always fantastic to deal with and a great support to Tim. We also appreciate the network Tim brings with his service, across accounting and legal fields. This has allowed for a seamless structure of our superannuation and financial plan.

We would recommend Tim and his professional team to anyone for expert, market aware, timely advice, who are looking for a tailored solution to their financial needs.”

Bill and Mel Lawrence

“We approached Ford Scott a number of years ago, as we really had no idea what we should be doing with our money. We had heard a number of good reports about the company and from the moment we walked in, we were treated like a part of their family.

In the eight years since, they have not only taken a lot of the stress away, they have also educated us on savings plans, real estate and share market investing and all the superannuation options that go into setting up a thorough investment strategy.

We have found that no issue has been too big or small for the team at Ford Scott and look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.”

Xavier and Emma Doherty

“As a middle aged couple, we consider we’ve done a reasonable job of managing our wealth while bringing up two children, swapping, building and paying for our family home.

Managing and growing however are not the same and this is where our association with Ford Scott has been so beneficial. We don’t understand or follow money markets and have employed Ford Scott to manage this for us. Ford Scott have effectively communicated with us at all times and importantly for us, is easily contacted and explains options & strategies in a language that we understand. Equally important are the results which we’re very happy with.

We’d be more than comfortable to recommend the team at Ford Scott.”

Steve and Sharon McNae